Factory reset TDS10309 DOMUS or TDS10300 PALAS

Performing a factory reset will completely restore the device to its original state with the latest firmware that is available.

A factory will erase all data stored within the central unit. This action is like replacing the central unit with a new one.

To initiate the process, the central unit must be connected to the internet with access to “images.teletask.be” on port 69(UPD).

To execute a factory reset, follow these steps:

  1. Simultaneously hold both buttons (SW1 + SW2) when powering up the device. (These buttons must be held 5 seconds after the device was turned on to start the factory reset process).
    *If the normal boot process begins within 5 seconds (indicated by the heartbeat LED blinking, alternating with Led1 and Led2), then the buttons have not been pressed correctly!
    *If the factory reset is triggered but the server is unreachable then all LEDs (Led1, Led2 and heartbeat) will remain off for 50 seconds as the system retries. After this period, the system will reboot with the current version.
  2. Following this, LED1blue LED immediately to the right of SW2 button will start flashing rapidly, indicating the update is downloading. Depending on the download speed of the Ethernet connection, this process might take some time - typically between 2 to 10 minutes fro the most connections. However, the duration may vary based on connection speeds and potential delays.
    *If communication is disrupted during this phase, the system will reboot with the current version after a certain interval.
  3. Once the download is complete, LED2 will start flashing relatively slow, indicating flashing of the update to the device's memory (do not turn off the device during this phase!!!).
  4. Upon completion of the factory reset, the device will restart automatically.
    *If your firmware was dated before 2023, the restart will not be initiated automatically, In this case, wait unit LED2 is no longer flashing. Then, disconnect the power of the central unit, wait for 5 seconds and restore the power.
    After about 30 seconds the heartbeat LED will start blinking fast and after 60 seconds it goes to slow blinking, which indicates that the central is now started up properly.
  5. Now you have to connected the PROSOFT PC with the updated central unit, just like you do with a new central unit. Open PROSOFT, open ‘communication’ menu, click ‘receive’ and enter the IP data. After the central unit indicates it is connected, transmit your nbt file and the system will be up and running again.

To verify the success of the update, you can access the device's IP address in a browser and check the OS version. The date code should be not earlier than 2023 02 20.

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