Polling codes

Polling codes are codes that are sent from the TELETASK system to the AV device to request the status of a zone or source.

REMARK: Polling codes are optional, some AV system automatically inform connected system when a status changes, other systems do not. See the documentation of your AV-device.
REMARK: Even if the Polling code requests that status of a specific zone, the feedback code from the AV-device must include the zone identifier.
REMARK: It is possible to use one polling code to request the status of multiple zones, as long as the feedback codes for the different zones are sent as individual messages.
REMARK: up to five polling codes can be used with TDS14042

To define a polling code, go to the ‘Feedback Codes’ window and select the tab page ‘Polling codes’
Click the new button to add a polling code, for each zone you can now enter a code (like for send codes)
Example: if we can request the status of a zone with the code: *GET,z1; (where 1 is the zone number)
Our polling code will be:

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