The AURUS-2 SENSE with built-in motion and light sensor, can be set to the specific needs of your project and to the specifications of the user.

Motion detector:

For the ‘motion detector’ of the AURUS-2 SENSE there are two options:

Motion detector function
This is the default option, where the ‘motion detector function’ is defined directly on the AURUS-2 SENSE.
Link with other AURUS-2 SENSE (or SIRIUS)
Use this option if a ‘motion detector function’ was already created on another AURUS-2 SENSE or SIRIUS and you want this AURUS-2 SENSE to work the same way. If you select this option, all that remains is to select the ‘other’ AURUS-2 SENSE from the drop down list.

To Define the motion detector function the following parameters need to be set:

This is the light (or other function) to be controlled by the motion detector function.
Active time
This is the time the output needs to be activated after the closing edge.
Light level
Optional, this is the light level below which the motion detector function needs to activate the output. If ‘None’ is selected here the motion detector function will always activate the light when motion is detected.
Remark: If a light level is selected the build-in light sensor will be activated automatically (if necessary).
Remark: The ‘motion detector function’ created by the AURUS-2 SENSE is also available in the list of ‘motion detector functions’ so it can also be used by a traditional motion detector that needs to work together with the AURUS-2 SENSE (see chapter ‘motion detector function’).
Remark: The motion detector button is always edge triggered (see chapter ‘Digital Input interfaces – Specific parameters’).
Remark: The motion detector button cannot be used from the TELETASK remote controllers.

Built-in light sensor:

The AURUS-2 SENSE contains a built-in light sensor. This can be used as sensor zone through the complete Domotics project.

The built-in light sensor isn't activated by default. To activate, follow the following instructions:

  • Click on the light sensor icon
  • Choose 'AURUS Light sensor' as ‘Sensor Type’ and give the sensor a proper name: e.g.: Sensor AURUS-2 SENSE Living.
  • If the sensor will be used to control a function, complete the settings at 'Output properties:


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