Multi-Room Multi-Source

Making a multi-room multi-source system with full flexibility in quality, budget and features. From a few rooms with back-ground music to the perfect and fully integrated home theatre.
To realize the integration of audio/video with the RS232 universal AV interface in a fast and correct way, it is necessary to use a phased set-up. The different phases may look different than you would expect at first sight. Start at the right with '1' on the figure below and step to the left to finalize the installation process.
There are four phases to be distinguished:

  1. Define the desired audio configuration: In this phase you will have to define the used audio/video sources and amplifiers and how audio/video source signals are connected to the amplifiers
  2. Assigning the RS232 port and the IR flashers (infrared transmitters: 8 flasher outputs/interface): In this phase each IR flasher is granted to an audio/video component (sources and amplifiers).
  3. Configuring the RS232 universal AV interface: In this phase, the interface is configured to be able to control the multi- room multi- source audio system.
  4. Configuring the audio/video buttons of the domotics installation: In this phase, the different audio/video functions are defined on the necessary buttons in the TELETASK system.

The four different phases from above are explained one by one in the text below, but first we give some explanation about multi-room and multi-source

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