GUI Selection

Start with selecting the correct GUI type.

TDS15105' GUI+
choose this GUI type for use on a Windows PC. Special features of this GUI+ are:
  • Support of the dynamic HTML pages
  • Messages and alarms
  • Availability of different types of skin.
  • Charts
TDS15101' iSGUI
choose this GUI type for use on a Smartphone, PC or tablet. For more information about creating an iSGUI, please see next chapter.
TDS15100' GUI
choose this GUI type for use on an Apple or Linux (or windows) PC.

After you have selected the GUI type, you can start the configuration. In GUISOFT you need to start with determine the necessary features for the new GUI, based on the target system: resolution, connection, skin,

You can convert a GUI to a GUI+ or vice versa but not with an iSGUI!
The GUI type has to correspond with the licence type that's available.

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