Diagnostics is a tool within PROSOFT that allows the user to check the status of outputs, inputs and interfaces of the central unit you are connected to. It also gives the possibility to change the status of some of the outputs and functions. Real-time monitoring of events is also one of the possibilities.
It’s the ideal tool during the start-up of a project or it can be used for error detection.
Diagnostics is only enabled when PROSOFT is connected with a running Central Unit.
PROSOFT will automatically connect with the Central Unit when you open the .nbt file of that project if the PC is on the same network.
When connection is established, the Diagnostics icon becomes green
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REMARK: You can use diagnostics without a .nbt file. In that case, start PROSOFT and create a new .nbt file with the corresponding type of Central unit (MICROS+, NANOS or). Complete the communication procedure to connect with the Central unit but do not transmit. Diagnostics will become enabled when the connection is established.

When you select Diagnostics from the Extra menu or click on the icon, PROSOFT will show a new Window like below:
These buttons let you select the type of output, input or other function.
The relays windows will open automatically when Diagnostics is started.

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