Bose integration


Below you can find an example of how you can set up the BOSE Soundtouch with the TDS system and obtain 6 presets available on your TELETASK touch panels and iSGUI app.

To realize the integration of a BOSE audio system with the TELETASK DoIP system there are two steps to be taken:

  • BOSE setup
  • PROSOFT setup

Zone naming

A speaker has been given an audio zone name (= "app name") by the Bose Soundtouch installer which also has to be used later in the PROSOFT configuration to link the Bose system with the TELETASK system. At the other hand, PROSOFT provides also in a possibility to use another name for it on the TELETASK displays and app. This name is the 'Zone display name'
e.g. The Bose speaker in the kitchen was named 'Bose Kitchen SP01', so this name will also appear on your Bose Soundtouch app. But on AURUS-OLED display this audio zone may be named 'kitchen'.
More details, see the configuration in the PROSOFT chapter below.


The setup example below explains the basic settings which are to be done in the BOSE app. This app is the 'Soundtouch' app which you can install from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In this example, we will use all six (maximum defined by Bose) presets which can be controlled from your TELETASK system.

This setup is to be done via the BOSE app on your mobile device. If you like, you can also use the desktop app from Bose instead the mobile version.


Definition of a TELETASK audio zone
This is the same as a Bose ‘room’ where you have one or more Bose speakers installed. Each audio zone has its unique name which you need to define yourself and enter in this Bose app.

If you combine two speakers as a stereo pair into one audio zone, there is also one unique zone name for this zone instead of the two individual speaker names you may have given them first. If you installed this pair, for example in your bathroom, you most probably have Speaker Left named ‘bathroom left’ and Speaker Right ‘bathroom right’. You will need to give the paired speakers a zone name like ‘bathroom’.
For your information: This Bose stereo pair of speakers, needs to be controled by the TDS system by controling one of the two speakers. Bose will automaticaly take care of the control of the other (paired) speaker.
Therefore, in the above Bathroom case, you always use the name of one of the two separate speakers , e.g. "bathroom left" to control the pair from TELETASK.

Important: Be sure to use in AVSOFT (part of PROSOFT) perfect the same names as you made in the Bose app (e.g. "bathroom left").

“Bathroom” is not the same as “bath room” and is not the same as “Bath room”.

If the names in both systems are different the integration with TELETASK will not work. Therefore also, we recommend to keep your zone names short and try to avoid spaces in it as much as possible.

Now you need to make the 6 presets (also in your BOSE desktop app). The Bose API doesn't allow to control more than the 6 presets (same as the 6 buttons on a Soundtouch 10).

How to make 6 PRESETS in the Bose app, ready to be used in PROSOFT

What are ‘Presets’ in the Bose system
These can be radio stations (in our example from the online radio source “Tunein”) or playlist from your favorite Streaming service like Deezer.


Open your Bose app, make sure the playlist or radio station is playing that you want to add. Goto the preset page and press long on the preset button (1-6) on which you want to store it.
Presets can also be stored with the buttons on a SoundTouch device itself, press long on the button and the current playing will be stored behind it.

In such case, it means the customer has changed the source behind a preset, while the TDS system can't change it in his settings. The change has to be undone or changed also in PROSOFT

Remark: It is possible that some radio stations do not work although you can see them in the Tunein list. But they may not be compliant to the Bose system or with your regio.

The Bose configuration is now finished. Now you need to configure AVSOFT (part of PROSOFT).


One 'device' in AV-SOFT maps to one audio zone on your physical audio device. Be sure that speakers in one audio zone (e.g. a stereo pair of speakers) are paired before you start. In the PROSOFT 'Config' -'parameters' setting you will need to use the same name you gave to the speakers in the Bose app. In case of a stereo pair, use one of the names of the speakers in the pair.
e.g. If you have 3 stereo pairs of Bose Soundtouch speakers, this means you will need to add only 3 Bose Soundtouch devices in AV-SOFT.

Add an A/V IP License (TDS15240)

  • Before entering the license in PROSOFT, you need to activate the obtained TDS15240 license on the TELETASK website (Professional tab). See also the license activation chapter in this handbook.
  • After activating your license, start PROSOFT and go to ‘AV-SOFT’ (see screen capture below)
  • Choose new
  • Select “TDS15240: A/V IP License” interface and click OK

Sonos V02 06

  • Now click ‘Add a device’ and select your device from the list of brands (see screen capture below). If you can't find your device under its brand, it probably is not (yet) supported. A comparable device from the same brand might work, without guarantee.


Now click ‘OK’ and enter the Bose app speaker name (screen capture below). Here it is defined as installed in the room ‘Kitchen’

Important: this name needs to be perfectly the same audio zone/room name as given in the BOSE app (see chapter above).


Configure the BOSE details

TELETASK supports all streaming music services which are compatible with the Bose device in your region.

In the screen captures below, there are two more things to be done.

  1. Enter the 6 presets (see chapter above) which you defined in your Bose desktop app.
  2. Enter the 'zone display name' (e.g. ‘Kitchen’).


1. Click FAV – Details and enter the 6 pre-configured Bose presets:
2. Enter the Zone name (This 'zone display name' will appear on your TELETASK touch screens and TELETASK mobile app.)

Final Steps

Click 'OK' to save your configuration. You should now see your new device under Select AV interface.
The last thing to do to bind everything together is to assign in PROSOFT rooms, a room to this BOSE device.

  • Go back to the PROSOFT tab and click the rooms button from the toolbar.
  • Pick a room or create a new one.

Sonos V02 12

  • As ‘Audio zone’ select from the dropdown menu the zone you have just created (‘Kitchen’ in our example).
  • Click 'OK'.

Of course, don't forget to transmit your NBT file to your central unit.

Audio Zones who are not linked to a room will not be able to controllable from any of the TELETASK interfaces.

It can take up to ten minutes after a transmit for the connection from the TELETASK installation to your audio devices to become fully operational.

Grouping audio zones (sometimes called "party mode")

Audio zones can be grouped together to simultaneously play the same music in synchronised mode. To configure this, head back to PROSOFT and create a new local mood (or edit an existing one). Then:

  • Under Select Output, choose Audio zone from the list of function types
  • Choose one of your audio zones
  • Select Link with zone from the list of actions
  • Pick a second zone that you want to link to the first one

You should now have something similar to this:

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 At 14.31.08

Activating this local mood from a touch panel or one of our apps will group both zones together.

Ungrouping audio zones

To ungroup a zone, simply turn it off from a TELETASK touch panel or app. That zone will leave the group and stop playing, while the other zones resume.

Preset auto synchronisation between Bose Soundtouch and the TDS central unit

If the user changes the audio source behind one of the 6 preset buttons on his Soundtouch device, this setting will be synchronised with the TDS system (e.g. the touch panels) within 24 hours. To force a synchronisation, simply restart your central unit.

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