Tested Units


About other 2N devices

2N IP Solo and 2N IP Base are very similar, so should work the same way.

2N IP Force is slightly different hardware, but the same software platform of the 2N IP Verso, so we don't expect any problem also.

SETUP: Devices were connected to the local test network via a POE switch that was grounded. The OPUS was also connected to the same network in a different room.

For more information download our integration manual for 2N: HERE
Visit the integration hub from 2N: HERE

Attention: You need to purchase enhanced video license for RTSP stream from a 2N distributor separately. More information on 2N wiki HERE

OPUS Audio Configuration

  • SIP Speaker scaling 8
  • SIP Microphone scaling 20
  • Voice 80%

SIP Setup

2N units do not have internal SIP server. It was tested with a SIP server UNIFY Openscape bussines, as external SIP server.
We also tested early media with a YeaStar SIP server and with Direct SIP (the UNIFY doesn't support Early media)

Attention: in the 2N SIP Advanced settings, always use for 'SIP Transport Protocol': UDP



You can set-up at 2N units different audio codecs. The following codecs are working:

  • G729
  • PCMA
  • PCMU
  • G722

The following codecs are not working:

  • AMR
  • GSM
  • ILBC


We had to setup following setting of 2N to have satisfied results

  • Speaker Master volume +4dB
  • Microphone Master volume +4dB

Attention: If you don't have any sound outside, disable Acoustic Feedback Suppression in the Audio section of 2N


  • DTMF was found working to open the door.

PROSOFT: for DTMF door code = code*. The asterisk (*) must be placed behind the DTMF code. For the 2N config see 2N settings.


Good sound quality.


Available URL's

REMARK: The JPEG compression level must be changed to 85 for streaming the JPEG and MJPEG fluently. There is also a RTSP link for Motion JPEG but it is not working on the OPUS

Switch Language

Technical Handbook:

Internal documentation

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