TDS20065 Universal HVAC

The TDS20065 is suited for controlling specific VRV/VRF units. Depending on the brand and the specific unit(s), the interface can be configured to integrate up to 32 indoor units (depending on the integrated HVAC type).

HVAC Principe Schema V03 03

The TDS20065 is supplied with a TDS15200 Airco Software license.
See the list of the supported HVAC models in the datasheet. If your required models are not listed, please contact your TELETASK supplier.

Remark: An additional adapter TDS20066 is required for Fujitsu (General).

1. TDS20065 Configuration

1.1. On the TDS20065 touch screen

  • Remove power supply and the communication line of the HVAC system
  • Set the dip switches on TDS20065 as described in the Quick installation guide (Login as professional) (brand specific) supplied with the TDS20065.
  • Connect the power supply
  • Configure the TDS20065 on it's touch screen:
  1. Go to settings TDS20065 Screen 02 Setting
  2. Set 'Virtual COM port' to ON

1.2. Additional steps for Daikin Non-VRV or Mitsubishi Electric Non-VRF

For Daikin or Mitsubishi Electric Non—VRV/VRF equipment, DC voltage supplied by the TDS20065 might be required for proper operation. Before enabling DC output from TDS20065 make sure there is no DC voltage on HVAC communication line. If no DC voltage is detected: Daikin 14-16V DC, Mitsubishi 28-30V DC, do following:

  • Disconnect TDS20065 from power and HVAC line.
  • Change the dip switches S1 and S2 as shown below.

Daikin Mitsubishi Electric
TDS20065 10 TDS20065 11

  • Connect the TDS20065 with USB to your computer
  • Start the application TDS20065-QuickInstall (professional.teletask.be > Login as professional > Pro Downloads > 1. TELETASK Software > Others > TDS20065-QuickInstall-180220_build_x.exe)
  • In the menu Connection select the correct Serial Port, the one with the icon ‘CM’. In this example this is COM25:

TDS20065 03

  • Press Connect and select the tab ‘Console’:

TDS20065 04

  • Type there the command: line DCOUT L1 +

TDS20065 05

  • Turn OFF the power from the TDS20065
  • Turn ON the power for TDS20065 and connect it to HVAC line.

1.3. On the Quick Installation Tool

  • Connect the TDS20065 via the supplied USB cable to your PC
  • Remove the power supply (the TDS20065 is now powered via the USB cable)
  • Start the application TDS20065-QuickInstall (professional.teletask.be > Login as professional > Pro Downloads > 1. TELETASK Software > Others > TDS20065-QuickInstall-180220_build_x.exe)

TDS20065 QuickInstall Network

  • Set 'Configure IPv4' to Static (Manual)
  • Add the IP adress of the TDS20065 to the 'IPv4 Adress'
  • Set 'Subnet Mask' to
  • Add the IP address of the Router/Gateway
  • Click 'Apply'
  • Go to tab 'HVAC Lines'

TDS20065 QuickInstall HVACLines

  • Select the HVAC brand on the correct line (L1, L7 or L8). Make sure that only one is selected. See table below for the brand specific line:

TDS20065 06v2

  • Check and set the dip switches (also to be found in the supplied quick installation guide )
  • Click 'Apply'
  • Remove USB cable.

1.4. Install the TDS20065

  • Connect the power supply
  • Connect the HVAC communication line

TDS20065 07

1.5. Map the HVAC indoor unit addresses with the TDS20065

  • The HVAC indoor units must have been assigned with an address. Normally this has to be done by the HVAC installer. The steps below are for Daikin as an example.
  • Press and hold Cancel button for a few seconds TDS20065 08
  • Scroll down to Group No. setting function and press Menu/Enter button TDS20065 09
  • Program Group Address and then press Menu/Enter to save address
  • The message 'Set' will appear.

Remember if Indoor unit can not see a CoolMasterNet you won't have the Group Address menu option. So make sure the CoolMasterNet is wired to F1 F2 HVAC line and powered.

  • Go to the main menu of the TDS20065.
  • All HVAC indoor units should be displayed with their addresses. TDS20065 Screen 01 Main
  • If this is not the case, follow all steps from the beginning.

After all is set and the communication of the TDS20065 with the HVAC system is OK, you can start with the configuration it in PROSOFT.

2. PROSOFT Configuration

2.1. License activation

A TDS15200 Airco software license is supplied whit the TDS20065.
Follow these steps to activate the license:

  • Go to www.teletask.be
  • Choose Professional from the top menu
  • In the License activation section, click on License activation (TELETASK Cloud)
  • Sign in to your TELETASK Cloud account if you have one already. If not, click on Create an account and follow the registration procedure.
  • After logging in, you should be forwarded to the Activate License page. If not, click here
  • Complete the form and click Download activation file
  • Wait a few seconds for your activation file to be downloaded (it will also be emailed to you)
  • Start PROSOFT and open the correct .NBT project file.
  • Import the activation file: choose Extra > Licenses
  • Save the .NBT file and transmit it to the central unit

2.2. TDS20065 configuration

To add the TDS20065 to your project file, follow these steps:

  • Go to the list of 'I'-interface press the button New and select a TDS15200:


  • Select the TDS20065:


  • In the 'Define Interface Function', fill in the IP address you configured on the TDS20065.
  • By pressing the Add button several times you can add the correct number of indoor units as connected to the installation. If you have indoor units that work together as one zone you only have to add one.

Make sure that the amount of zones is the same as on the TDS20065 display and that the 'Universal HVAC zone Nr' are correct.
You can change it by just typing over it.

All zones are automaticly named 'Sensor X', jou just can rename it like you wish.

In the first Tab you also can also change the resolution from 1,0° to 0,5° only do this if the HVAC system is able to, most systems can only be controlled with steps of 1 degree. We recommend to leave it on 1 degree.

In the Tab 'Mode & Speed' you can setup some other settings that must match your HVAC system:

  • Modes: check off the modes the HVAC does not support.
  • Fan speeds setting: configure the step count as like available on the indoorunit, if then indoorunit support 'auto speed' you can also check that option.

Presets are to be configured like a standard TELETASK sensor.

You screen looks like this:

Transmit the .nbt file to the Central Unit and you are good to go.

3. Wiring Diagrams

3.1. Fujitsu

Remark: TDS20066 is needed when using Fujitsu. See typical diagram below.

TDS20065 Wiring   Fujitsu

3.2. Midea / Airwell

TDS20065 Wiring Airwell Midea 01

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