iSGUI Features

In this start screen you can define the different pages of your iSGUI and you set up the connection data. The GUI start screen looks like the figure here below:
The different iSGUI parameters which are defined are:

GUI Name
give in a clear name for the iSGUI e.g. 'iSGUI Parents', 'iSGUI Children'; you have to give a name for the GUI.
Password protection
check this mark to add a password when connecting the iSGUI (to prevent unauthorised access to the iSGUI from people that have access to the Wireless LAN). This user password can be changed any time in PROSOFT in the “Users & groups” configuration menu.
IP setting
With this setting the iSGUI uses the IP address entered on the target device to connect to the central unit
Only supported with iSGUI V2.5.
IP setting
IP-address Central Unit
give in the IP-address of the Central Unit
IP-Port number
give in the IP-Port number of the Central Unit (by default: 55956).
To be used for iSGUI V1.
Define the new page
using this button you can add a new page to the iSGUI. A page can be any part of the house (a room, a floor, the garden, the complete house). The pages do not have to correspond with the rooms you defined earlier in the PROSOFT session.
Page Name
give in the name of the page. This name will be visualised on the GUI.
Arrow up and Arrow down
by using the arrow up or down you can change the order of the selected GUI page.
mark this setting to protect the regime (workday, weekend, presence simulation,…) buttons with password.

When you have defined all pages and set up all the communications settings correctly according to the specific situation, click 'OK' to continue defining the iSGUI. The GUISOFT will appear on the screen.

You can always call the iSGUI property screen to change the page and communication settings.

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