The GUISOFT Screen is divided in 3 zones: the GUISOFT menu, the functions and the iSGUI preview.

The GUISOFT menu

See the GUISOFT menu in the chapter concerning the GUI/GUI+.

The Functions

In the function library you page through the different domotic functions which were earlier created in the PROSOFT session of the .NBT project. With the drop down menus of the rooms and icons you can create search criteria to quickly find the wished function in the library.

The iSGUI preview

In the GUI preview you can see how the GUI would look like during daily use.
At the top of the GUI preview you see the actual page you have made earlier. When there are more pages available, you can thumb through them by using the arrow left or arrow right. At the left side of the GUI preview the different categories as known in PROSOFT are shown. When you push these buttons the corresponding functions on this page are visualized. The different icons are:

shows the lights of the active page
shows the devices of the active page
shows the moods of the active page
shows the motors (curtains, shutters, gates, etc.) of the active page
shows the sensor functions of the active page
shows the audio zones of the active page
shows the camera's of the active page

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